Our Coaching Strategy

We help our clients develop and activate their untapped and unused potential with accountability. 

Designing Solutions

We suggest and help clients implement options and opportunities to help them and their endeavors thrive.

 "Blanche has found her voice, because leadership is a choice and greatness is achieved through character and contributions."
                                                        ---Dr. Stephen Covey, International Bestselling Author of "7 Habits for Highly Effective People"

Forward Thinking

We help clients develop strategies that can position them to take advantage of or create opportunities. 

Blanche A. Williams, MS, President

Greatness By Design, LLC led by Blanche A. Williams, pairs out-of-the-box thinking with tried-and-true experience. The firm delivers an extensive skill set with character, and a passion for excellence which has proven instrumental throughout its successful and diverse professional career serving business and industry. Ms. Williams has enjoyed a stellar track record of leading engagements that include leadership development, team/organizational training, business strategy, coaching, communications/marketing, event management, writing, and collaborative initiatives. Her motto is "Success by choice, not by chance. So choose wisely."

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Designing your greatness. delivering with excellence.

Our Leadership

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Beyond Any Box

We help clients embrace the concept of no limitations by expanding their perspective of what is possible with vision, planning and action.